"We LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!" Erin Steele Whaling

St. John's Nursery School believes play is a vital part of development during the preschool years. We believe play is a young child’s way of exploring new ideas, adjusting to new environments and expressing themselves. Through play children develop skills and confidence in their ability to navigate the world around them.

In a play-based curriculum, children develop cognitive, symbolic, problem solving, mathematical, reading, writing, social and emotional skills at their own pace without academic pressure. In addition to providing the opportunity for play, we provide an environment that allows each child to learn and develop individually. We encourage your child to grow both socially and academically to provide a smooth transition to kindergarten. Our Maryland State Department of Education approved curriculum emphasizes personal and social development, language and literacy development, mathematics, social studies and more.

St. John's Nursery School

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